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A SEA you want to protect,
“Fukutsu Sea Mirror” .

Fukutsu City, Fukuoka Prefecture has Fukuma Beach, Miyajihama Beach, and Tsuyazaki Beach, where a shallow coast stretches for about 3km.

On this beach, the sandy beach looks like a mirror at low tide. A mysterious sight appears by reflecting the sky.

It is a popular spot that even beginners can easily take great pictures with their smartphones if they know the tips and have the right conditions.

Why don't you experience the magnificent view that this town has carefully protected and take pictures of memories with your loved ones?

camera津屋崎海岸2021.1.20 / 7:30

camera福間海岸2020.10.19 / 17:00

camera宮地浜2020.11.8 / 11:01

camera福間海岸2020.12.17 / 16:34

Forecast of the best time to see “Fukutsu Sea Mirror”

The beach turns like a mirror at a low tide that has a large tidal range. The best time to see this starts from just before the end of the tide. The appearance changes depending on the weather and time of day, so please refer to the forecast calendar and come visit the coast of Fukutsu.


Expected tide table

The timing of becoming “Fukutsu Sea Mirror”is at low tide when the tide is the lowest. The yellow circles on the tide table are the lowest tides. The best time to see is just before the end of the tide. The ebb and flow of the tide takes place day and night, so please check the time zone, and come at the right time for your own photo shoot.

※The tide indicates the tide level of "Hakata Port", and it is expected to be slightly different in Fukutsu area.



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Let's protect “Fukutsu Sea Mirror”
the sea of Fukutsu.

In Fukutsu City, Fukuoka Prefecture, where the beautiful coastline of white sand and blue pine continues, local people, companies, and the local government regularly carry out beach cleanup activities and enlightenment activities to protect the beautiful sea that sea turtles have visited for spawning for a long time.


In addition, Fukutsu City Hall has a nationwide unique "Sea Turtles Division" and is focusing on sea turtle conservation activities and local environmental conservation activities.


The "“Fukutsu Sea Mirror”" is a place where residents, government and businesses work together to maintain its beauty through tireless efforts.


We hope that everyone who visits this sea will be a member who will be able to pass on to this beautiful scenery to future children by observing the manners of taking away trash and picking up even one trash on the beach.